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    Windows 11 Professional Product Key For 1 PC, Lifetime

    Windows 11 Professional Product Key For 1 PC, Lifetime
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    Windows 11 Professional Product Key For 1 PC, Lifetime

    You are purchasing the highest tier retail license for Windows 11! It means that you have the full, legal ownership of your Windows. You can use this key to activate Windows again and again on the same PC even after a major hardware change! You can even use this key to reactivate Windows on a completely different PC as long as only 1 activation exists at a time. Bind this key to your personal Microsoft account to enjoy the fullest benefit of the highest tier retail license. This key will also release any OEM keys in the firmware, converting an OEM device into a full retail device.

    OEM keys are illegal without COA. COA or Certificate of Authenticity is a sticker attached to a device that clearly shows the product key the device is bound to. If your PC is using an OEM key without COA sticker, it only means that your key is illegal and stolen and that at anytime, Microsoft can disable access to your device permanently with no chance for reactivation. A Retail license is the only type of license that binds to a person and not to the device hence, they do not require COA as they are freely transferable across multiple devices.

    MAK or Multiple Activation Keys are expiring volume license keys only an organization can use. These licenses are cheaper, subscription based and non perpetual for entities needing multiple licenses for short periods of time. As an example, all Windows Enterprise and Education use MAK and were never available as retail licenses, this is the same reason why they never appeared on our store. Piracy occurs when someone sells these licenses to an unknowing victim. When Microsoft finds out that key is being used illegally outside the organization that purchased the license, access to the device will be blocked permanently with no chance for reactivation.

    To validate your license, open Command Prompt and type “slmgr -dlv“ without the quotes. It should show the Activation ID, Application ID, Installation ID, Activation and Validation URLs that point to the official activation and validation servers which are and respectively. Product Key Channel should be Retail. License Status should be Licensed and not under a Grace Period or Notification. There should also be no activation expiration seen on this prompt. Any deviation from this criteria should be referred to the entity that sold you the license for clarification.

    To know if your license is perpetual, open Command Prompt and type “slmgr -xpr“ without the quotes. Device should be Permanently Activated without expiration. If you see an expiry date, no matter how long the duration is, it is most likely a pirated license.

    Need USB Installer?

    Alternatively, we can also ship you a USB installer for the product your purchased. Simply select “Add USB Installer (16GB)” on the product option above.

    System Requirements:

    Processor: 1 GHz 64-bit processor
    RAM: 4 GB
    Disk Space: 64 GB
    Graphics Card: DirectX 12 graphics device

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