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    Power Twister Bar 20kg

    Power Twister Bar 20kg
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    Name: Power Twister Bar
    Material: Carbon spring, thickened steel pipe, ABS plastic handle
    Style: generally divided into 20, 30, 40, 50, 60KG
    Specification: 30kg (product power unit)
    Overall size: 59cm Spring length: 23.5cm
    Number of spring turns: 38 turns Handle length: 10.5cm
    Product Net Weight: 1.15kg
    Package included: 1 x Power Twister Bar

    1. Bend the arms and bend the spring forcefully behind the neck.
    2. With both arms forward, bend the spring upwards and then relax.
    3. Bring your arms closer to your chest, bend the spring, then straighten it and slowly relax.
    4. Stand with your feet apart, bend your right elbow, bend the spring with your left hand, then bend your left elbow and bend the spring with your right hand.
    5. With both arms behind you, hold the spring tightly, then straighten down and gradually bend. 6. What we pursue is quantity is not weight!

    1. Please check whether the connection parts of the arm brace are firm and free from looseness before use.
    2. Please choose the arm strength device suitable for your fitness level to avoid straining your muscles.
    3. When using, put the safety belt on the handle of the armrest on the wrist.
    4. When using, you should choose a relatively spacious venue to exercise, so as not to hurt your hands.
    5. It is recommended that children under the age of 12 do not use armrests
    6. When used, it should be done at a uniform speed.