About Us

Welcome to JeRS Online Store your one-stop online destination for home and gym equipment in the Philippines. Bringing you insights on global and local trends, we feature your favorite international designs as well as the most relevant Filipino weight brands.

At JeRS  AC we believe your shopping experience should be easy and fun. That’s why we have an awesome team of local customer service consultants (located in our Manila office) to assist you on all your inquiries or concerns.


Easy Navigation And Intuitive Operation
Our online store is well laid-out and easy to use, making your shopping experience easy and convenient. We constantly try to make our website and app ever more user-friendly, and every time you come back your experience becomes more and more personalized.

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JeRS Online Store  is one of t the top supplier of gym equipment in the Philippines.


We offer a wide range of suitable fitness equipment for the opening of a new gym, right through to the modernisation of
your preexisting gym. We therefore offer you not just premiumquality fitness equipment with a wide range of functions, but
also a price level which enables you to set up your sports studio at a minimal cost.

We achieve this through a quantitative approach to assembly, the advantageous location of our production centre, as well as low
overhead costs – all to your benefit. Consequently, our sales prices are often significantly lower than those of established retailers.
As a result, with the Jers AC Gym equipment, we are able to offer you easy-to-use and reliably functioning equipment, which
scores many points for its appealing and fresh design and very reasonably priced.