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    8kg Wall Ball

    8kg Wall Ball
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    Soft Wall Ball for Strength and Conditioning Workouts Core Training B81 |  Shopee Malaysia

    Wall balls are larger and are made of vinyl with an outer layer which is padded making them easily visible as well as convenient to catch while exercising. Examples of activities that require a wall ball are wall throws, wall squats, and wall sit ups.

     When you think about full-body workouts, you probably think about dread-provoking burpees, mountain climbers, and maybe even rowing. But there’s one move that’ll ramp up your heart rate and deliver a total-body burn that we think you won't hate: the wall ball

      Wall Balls provide total body conditioning and excellent fat burning

    • One of the easiest ways to improve your endurance, explosiveness, and core strength.
    • Usage: Throw against the wall to hit a target or use for medicine ball workouts like squats, sit-ups, twists and more
    • Not meant to be used for slam ball exercise routines as it will damage the ball
    • Develop core and muscle strength, increase your cardiovascular endurance, and burn calories
    • Functional exercises help you in your everyday life, such as with squatting, lifting, throwing and standing up
    • Tight double-stitching holds it closed
    • Can withstand hours of wall throws and medicine ball exercises